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about us

An intimate escape from the bustling cityscape of Gurgaon, Lock & Key is a casually elegant cocktail bar built around the moody glamour of the 1920’s. Unlock your inhibitions with atmospheric interiors, a specially curated menu of turn-of-the-century cocktails and smooth foot tapping jazz tunes. Hark back to a time of excess, style and hedonism for a roarin’ good time.

Lock & Key is a concept by Rituu Memaani, who also owns a boutique hotel and Atara catering, a complete catering solution provider, in Gurgaon. It is her vision based on a myriad of travels and painted with a passion for hospitality. So down that Giggle Water, get comfortable on the large couches and sway to the sweet sound of jazz as Lock & Key takes you back to “the good old days.”

The cocktail menu will take you on a flight to places near and far, romancing your curiosity and taste buds with flavours old and new. Lock & Key looks to elevate the cocktail experience by introducing concept drinks and incorporating unorthodox flavours using yuzu, elderflower, popcorn, smoke, corn flakes and caramel, amongst others, while also maintaining a strong base of the classics and old favourites. Some of the concept drinks to watch out for are the Back Note on Popcorn with Orange, Smoky Finish Sour Drink, and the Almond and Bourbon Cocktail.

The ride doesn’t end with the cocktails, for the food takes you on travels through different countries and traditions. The fusion cuisine is a marriage of the novel with the cult favourites resulting in delectable indulgences straight from the appetizers through the desserts. Specially curated mini delicacies such as goat cheese cannolis, truffle mac & cheese pops, rum & coke wings and pulled pork samosas build up your appetite for what’s coming next, while the mains such as Burmese khoysuey, prawn moilee and double lamb burger are designed to make your heart and stomach gush with content. The last destination on this journey of flavours is the dessert-selection fit for gods.


Long under the radar, Gurgaon is now the target of the newest stir in the city. Lock & Key, deliciously dipped in mystery, brings the soul of the Prohibition Period for those looking to evade the ordinary in the Capital. If you long for a taste of old-world glamour and unapologetic debauchery, Lock & Key, a speakeasy nestled in the metropolitan area of Gurgaon is ready to whisk you off to another era.

Inspired by the “blind pig” trend of the 1920s, Lock & Key exudes a rustic mood with traces of mystery and adventure lurking in the air. You will find velvet settees and tasselled lampshades, quaint collectables and flamboyant posters, tainted mirrors and cryptic vaults – all transporting you to an opulent time best understood through first- hand experience. The décor is brazen and the music is just loud enough for conversations to transpire, with live artists crooning jazz and blues into the night.